Teksten - The palace of love

 Empty shoes

Today I read the death notice
of a fellow drum-musician.
Died in a car-crash,
what an ordinary way to go.
He never had no trouble
sendin' out a lot of friction,
but everytime I saw him play,
he was fightin' at the front.

I got bad news, sad news,
mad news now
I got his worn out empty shoes on my mind

We never played one song together
'bout the lone wolf in our minds.
We only have a backstage-past,
but I miss him, he don't know why.
Friend of mine, a friend of his', one day walked into his house,
and found him cryin', howlin', sittin' on the floor, cornered down.
I didn't see it with my very eyes,
but like one shot in a movie,
he was shot into my mind:
I'm in that corner now.

I got bad news, sad news,
mad news now
I got his worn out empty shoes on my mind

We got our given name in common
seems like an August name.
He was born the 23rd, I was born the 24th.
These dates and names don't mean a thing,
they're just like inside jokes.
I'm only lookin' for another angle
to understand why I do mourn, over you.
Over you, over you.

I got bad news, sad news,
mad news now
I got his worn out empty shoes on my mind

To heaven and back

Well I figured I found us a perfect love-shack
A surprise for my cute partywoman
Except for the flies nobody could tell
How we tirelessly worked up the honey

Now home was a house with a plenty of rooms
And a pool, and nobody in it
A whole lot of bottles of expensive good wine
And lobster for breakfast and dinner

The people who lived there were not living there now
We saw 'm leave in a camper, it was holidaytime
No we were not invited, we invited ourselves
For a week out in heaven and back

To heaven and back 

I put on some music though I'm not a good dancer
But the classics I judged to be good for romance
We played the same albums again and again
And we danced through the house in a trance

Called a friend down in Paris to find out about the wine
We were talking Chateau's and how Diana had died
My girl dyed her hair black and I said : 'I don't know,
Can I help you dying your triangle of love?'

She called me a pervert but we did it alright
And it stayed there a week with us hanging out
Time came to clean up, put the furniture back
The way it was when we'd walked in the shack

We left a thank-you-note and some beautiful flowers
We thought they belonged next to the bar
And leaving some stains of some cum and some dye
We drove back from heaven, in my dirty old car

To heaven and back (x6)?

Why I'm on the run

There's an angel above me
And he sees I'm on the run
There's an angel in between me and the sun
Is he coming down to lend a helping hand?
Coming down to understand 
Why I'm on the run (x4)

There's a fire beneath me
I'm burning while I run
I'm a man between the fire and the sun
Is it toasting me and telling me that what I do is wrong?
Tell me now, tell me why
Why I'm on the run?(x4)

Am I Johnny-come-lately?
Am I Johnny-on-the-spot?
Guess I've been behind the eightball
Since the day I left my mum
I don't wanna say Jack Robinson
I don't wanna beat that gun
Tell me why,
Why I'm on the run....

Waiting 'round the corner

I have never met that man.
The one I'd rather be.
It's not that I feel better than any of you,
but still I wanna be me

I have never met that girl.
The one I'd rather love 
than the girl that I married,
there's only one girl
and I told you that before.

Both our minds 'r full of blisters
And we're utterly twisted
And only one half of the damage is done
Still we fight every blizzard
That's trying to ruin our hope
That the best years are waiting 'round the corner (x2)
The best days are right around the corner

Why do we need 
to go out of our minds 
every once in a while?
It's becoming a habit
Some kind of lifestyle
Well your mind is your home 
It's got a hundred backdoors
And a crowded dancefloor
And too many chambers in a smelly corridor
Where you lay all your demons to snore
And then all of 'm corners 
Where you stacked up your past
Some of it alive, and some of it dead
But there's still room enough 
For you to do what you want
For you to do what you like
you can sit there and cry 
or you can cook a good meal there
and comfort your bride 
you can do any other thing but hide


The loner

Carver quotes Bukowski: 'you don't know what love is'
And Carver may have thought that he was right
I don't wanna talk too much about a dead man's poem
But Charles just didn't love mankind
Loved cats when sober, pussy when drunk,
He sure knew about love,
And how it showed up:
In disguise, in disguise
All of Charly's lovers
Were at war with their own lies

He was a loner, and if you can't read it in his lines
He was a loner, then you were not meant to be my bride,
He was a loner, that I know
But I don't know if he was alright
If Charles Bukowski was alright

I really don't know if Buk was right, I don't believe
Every word that I read or that I write, 
I feel like everybody's fooling me, 
so at times I also fool around
I believe I truly love my woman, 
but how come we all live a life so full of doubt?
Is that just a higher question, that you're not supposed to ask?
Or am I just like Charles was, a pitiful poor ass 
Who looks for angels and for lust, 
In the everlasting dust

I am a loner, and if you cannot read it in my eyes,
That I'm a loner, then you were not meant to be my bride
I'm a loner, that I know, 
But I don't know if I'm alright,
Nobody knows, loner or not

I am a loner and if you cannot read it in my lines
That I'm a loner, then you were not meant to be my bride
I am a loner, but still you wanna hang out on my isle
I am a loner, even if I wanted, I couldn't throw him out
I am a loner, Baby, I'm a loner, baby I'm a loner
It's just my way of doing time

Shadow dance

Now all the guests are gone, it's getting cold
I dress in tablecloth under the late night moon
With all bottles empty, I'm empty too
A shadow's dancing in this Belgian summernight
While I'm standing still,
I can see it dancing
Like I never could or will, 
What did you go down under for?

Shadow dance, shadow dance,
Shadow, dewy-eyed or not.
Shadow dance, shadow dance
Shadow, on my trampled lawn

There's a shadow on the gardenwall and
Round the lifeline in the hand that builds a shelter
When I try to light my handrolled cigarette,
With Lucifer once more,
I gaze at all the fugitives,
I almost burn my nose, 
I gaze at all the fugitives
shadowdancing on my lawn

Shadow dance, shadow dance
Shadow, dewy-eyed or not
Shadow dance, shadow dance
Shadow, on my trampled lawn

Instrumental chorus

The shadow dances
Wild romance is coming home

Candle Aid

You lie next to your love
And she tells you what she's thinking of
But you are on the other side of the lake
Your mind is one and hers is two
Swimming in a dirty pool
Seven candles burning on your cake
Well anyone can make a mistake
But the penalty's a romance in the grave

You're driving south, she wanna go north
Play with respect and you're always a fake
While all you do is age 
The skin of your face becomes a pancake
Well anyone can make a mistake
But the penalty's a romance in the grave

There's seven candles burning on our cake
It's time we blew together
And go for candle eight
Candle-aid, candle-aid

You got no shrink and you want no shrink
You wanna forget about everything
But the cotton is ready to fill up your face
Two snowflakes in the summertime
Can't survive unless they climb
Well anyone can make a mistake (x2)
But the penalty's a romance in the grave

D minor no?

Been watching TV all night
Lotta faces talking to me

Was in a boat on the canals of my hometown
Young woman flirting with me

Wrote a letter to an overseas friend
Seems like there'll be no reply

Some days you feel good
Some days you feel bad
Nothing much you can do about it

Read a book in three languages
Now some of the words are willing to stay
Read a book in three languages
Seemed like a journey to the end of the night

Sit with my back towards the open window
Listen to all the footsteps go by


Played cards in an open country-caf?
Two people watching over my shoulder

Got a ticket for running a red light
In the red-lightdistrict during the daytime


You told me

Nine out of ten needles make holes in people who are sane.
Our minds are full of hungry beetles chewing on a worn out brain.
In loneliness there's beauty they say in togetherness there's pain.
Getting lost in both of them is a famous human game.

Monday, tuesday, wednesday mother,
Thursday, friday, saturday mother, 
Sunday mother, brings a night that calls me out
You told me love's the remedy
And mother you're probably right

One muddy kiss should not kill love, but who can forget the taste?
Love's the strongest legal drug, drawing lines in every face.
Every time it comes my way, I wanna change the sound of it.
Its rhythm and its meaning, overthrow its empty feeling


Every drop of riverwater carries a failure to the sea
We all wear shades to hide the looks of our waxing insanity
We've broken every law that killed arousal of the brain
And all it brought us was a "hold your jaw", 
and a selfconstructed jail


Read the lines of a many true writers, 
read the lyrics of a lot of true songs
Lived with the losers and the doing alrighters, 
held the keys of many keyholes
I've undressed the whole dally town, 
looking for that one mudfree love
I wasted a few and I created few lives 
and I even wrote a couple of psalms


All today's words

Now all today's words have fallen
Just the way I feel
Lined up like an undrilled army
My eyes are burning, needing sleep

Now all today's words have fallen
Like angels on their way to hell
Fighting a great deal of the bad side of my karma
I kneel and thank 'm for their soothing help

And the bad vibes are rolling out of my hands
As I walk on my fingers throughout the dark land
I'm healing, I feel it, 
I'm closing the gap

Now all today's words have fallen
On the last sundown of the century
I strangled some troubles from the old times
But there are still a lot of tangled tigers trying to get out of me,
Crawling through the veins, uncomfortably

Now all today's words have fallen
More or less in a way that I wanted 'm to
I'm listening to Shostakovich for maybe the sixth time in my life
He's so good at eating blues, eating my blues

And the bad vibes are rolling out of my mind
As I walk on my fingers throughout the dark land
I'm healing, I feel it, 
I'm closing the gap

Now all today's words have fallen
And the fireworks are blowing our minds
Into a new century in which we'll all probably die,
I go to bed with Mary-Jane, sleep through the bombing (x2)

And the good vibes come rolling into my sight
Like a midnight train throughout the dark land
I'm healing, I feel it, I'm healing,
I'm closing the gap 

Smoking the green grass of home

While smoking the green green grass of home
A faraway town throws me all the options in store
Not one I could go for without burning my soul
I've walked through that dissatisfying fire before 

Far away from the other man I have to be, at times
Far away from the rules that rule over me, at times
I feel closer to you than while walking hand in hand
I study the map of my hopes spread out in my head

There are so many men in me I could go to jail for killing myself,
Nine times out of ten,
There are so many girls in you but there's only a few I have met
I have a few drinks to let the fun in,
And then the few drinks too many that let the fun out
And just like the king I go sleep in a heartbreak hotel

Instrumental chorus

While smoking the green green grass of home
I'm in the middle of a lovesong I could never sing
I think of the places I've been and the places I do not belong
And for a second I dream that one day I could live on the sun

While smoking the green green grass of home
You defend all the values that I can fall back upon, upon arrival
I will kiss you and tell you and hold you and pray I will never
Leave any of you all 
Before the last of my seconds alive 

Instrumental chorus