Teksten In the Red River

in the red river

agonizin', anaesthetizin', 
humanizin', harmonizin', 
fraternizin', the sun is risin' 
in the red river, red river 
all my new devils go broke
nothin' wrong with bein' workfolk 
restin' in a very high tree 
little clouds, all singin' in D
"in the red river", "in the red river",

cuddle-ego's liein' jury's out of their seat 
all you gotta do is keep ahead of that beat 
try to get as near to fear as you can 
there will be a gate 
walk through the gate, like a man, 
that's where you're gonna meet and greet your God, 
inside of you he already was, 
in your red river 

be the right cook, in the right nook 
be the right cook, in the right nook 
write a chequebook 
for your red river 
he wants you to relax 
in your red river 

in and out of trouble 

runnin' in and out of trouble 
drop that heavy suitcase 
runnin' in, runnin' out, 
we all feel better when we travel light 

when trees around are goin' yellow and brown 
when some are tryin' to go naked 
be a seed of a flower in a green summergown, 
ready to make it 

a lot of trafic on the road to fame 
crossroadcrazy, goin' hazy 
I left the maker of the blame 
for a life pure as a daisy 

christmas without you

I pull the trigger, turn away, I want no proof 
I killed a man but I'm told: "you did good."
I hate this goddamned battledress, solid, bullet proof 
I'll kill another hundred, then I come back to you 

cruel is my truth 
end of december baby 
christmas without you 
are in my heart 
I wanna hold my kids 
os amo, sois mi vida 

an extra load of chocolates, that is all we get 
no turkey, corned beef instead 
with the zipper of the bodybag I parcel up my friend 
while I long for the taste of you 

ella no queria 

ella no queria ponerse las joyas
que yo le compre
ella, ella, ella no queria 

I lost the weddin' gown 
out of my sight and babyblind
our go went almost dead 
and just like Bach hops in one day
you save yourself in mind and bed
and all the grey the grey goes green and red 

she's the pump in my heart
she keeps the cold out every part 
I choose to play and I don't linger 
I got my colour back,
and the New York ring around her finger
and all the jewelry ’round her neck

house on the hill

I'm goin' to that house on the hill
I'm gonna walk in through the door that says 'pilgrim'
goin' to the house on the hill, house on the hill

when you end up in the arms of a new harbour
and the boat that dropped you there is sailin' on
you can wave your handkerchief 'til the boat has left the bay
or you can turn your back and face your newfoundland without delay

you can hang out in the blue room singin' lovesongs
and in the white room you can make love in a kingsize bed
in the dark room you can open every window
let the good vibes triumph over bad

come hold me brother, hold my hand
come on sister walk me to the playground
I'm goin' to the house on the hill.

vamos a la casa de la colina

winnin' combination

is it true that true love wants you to come home?
is it true that true love finds you where you roam?
it is true that all her love is true, and true love's what she want?
but is this true love honey, true enough?

somebody said that love is all there is
somebody wrote that love is all there is
somebody never tellin' jokes, never playin' tricks
said and wrote that love is all there is

are we a winnin' combination? 
are we all we want? 
a winnin' combination
for every day to come, for every day... to come

I don't know what's true and I sure don't know what's not
do you know what's true or do you know what's not?
got a pencil drawin' many words right into a song
be careful not to get the picture wrong

love always ends up in a songgood or bad,
it ends up in a song 
nothin' else to sing about, good or bad,
love always ends up in a song

purty-don't-deserve-me moves me more than anyone 
sittin' drinkin' happy tea with Juicy in the sun

milkwhite morning

it's a milkwhite mornin' 
under silk I'm comin' home
it's a milkwhite mornin'
under silk I'm comin' home

it's a wonderful thing
to get lost

una manana de blanco de leche
bajo la seda vuelvo a casa
una manana de blanco de leche
bajo la seda vuelvo a casa

es algo esplendido
donde perderse

wanna come a Jesus way?

there's a kind ultimatum
that calls from the parish of love
says it's time we upgraded
some movin' space from the above

well it's all in the head and in everyone's bed
in the soul, in the human well
an oasis never been, free of sin, where a new heroine
is ringin' a new set of bells

wanna come a Jesus way?

well let's open up the fortified house
let a guest cat pet a local mouse
let the big ball be the love state
stop runnin' as a hare from fate

forget about Beelzebub
it's drinkin' from the golden cup
it's floatin' on a gentle breeze
singin' true-to-life and luminous, 
freely from the heart
to bring it back at ease

wanna come a Jesus way?


on the foot of the bed, heavy head
he was puttin' on red shoes
stepped out of the room, out of the gloom
trippin' to forget and forgive
looked at his left foot
then at his right foot
not aware they would step on a rainbow today

step on a rainbow

bumper to bumper, not movin' at all
he was never gonna get there in time
hooters and hooters, put in the earplugs
got on his car and walked down the whole line into town
smile on his face, ready to kiss her
when from one of the last cars some guy shot him down

and he stepped on a rainbow

she waited one hour, lost all hope
walked back to the hotelroom all alone
fell asleep on the bed, the dog and bone rang
rubbed her eyes and picked up the blower
are you mrs. Dee? Annie S.Dee?
she said: “oui“
et bien madame, ton ancien mari,
il a march“ sur l'arc en ciel aujourd'hui “

he stepped on a rainbow 

caminando por el arco iris..

treat yourself good 

if you would treat yourself
like someone you were in love with,
you would treat yourself good

you're expectin' too much
from a few spoken words
do you believe you can walk out of bedlam
without a scar and no crutch
you're a hotchpotch of emotions
hangin' in the flames
the tick you believe the stirrin' has stopped
the kettle starts to swing

I can feel the connection with the macrocosm
standin' speechless in the doorway
I can see the maker's work
and I'm a party of it all
float on the leeward,
give and take a deep breath

when I point a finger at you
I point three fingers at myself
hot hot hot hot
hot like a two dollar pistol
fragile like a bird out of crystal
and I still know beans about love
time to rest the cheak and beak
there's no word of honour you can fatuously speak

let's take the load off 

Veronica, Veronica

let's take the load off everybody
take the load off just for fun
make 'm walk a little lighter
to their spot out in the sun
let's take the load off.

there's a whole lot of sufferin'
in the minds of mankind
let's put the load in the coffin
let's put the coffin in the ground
let's take the load off.
Veronica, Veronica

we're a whole lot of woman
and a whole lot of man,
grown up children tryin' to fit in a plan
tryin' to find inner emancipation
and we're fightin' a rush of a doubledeckbusload of information
we should not make copies and then call it creation
and we should not ia, ia, ia, ia, ia... we're not asses, we're aces
and our mind tries to work while it races
let's take the load off...
Veronica, Veronica

scorpio girl 
scorpio, scorpio girl
my pebbles are leadin' to you scorpio girl

my thighs and knees, my calfs and shins
my ankles and heels and toes, they all run in the wind 
for you scorpio, scorpio girl
my pebbles are leadin' to you scorpio girl

and even when I roamed away from base
scorpio girl, your eyes were in my face
lookin' forward for the day
the God in me came into play 
scorpio girl
all I want is that you stay
my scorpio girl for every comin'day

grabbin' a second chance
no it wasn't comin' too soon
it was comin' at last

if tears roll in a cruel world
stop rollin' my scorpio girl
your man ain't cruel, he's a tender bird
scorpio girl
pebbles are leadin' to you...scorpio girl

the lanterns

I sat down at her table and we talked for a while
I saw her sensual lips move
my heart was unable to keep the beat all the while
so alive, so widely illumed

crossin' the bridge, crossin' half of that town
with a smily moon on the rise
the statues all thumbs up and the lanterns all bowed
as we walked by, lights on... in our eyes

we said goodbye at the door, we were both hungry for more
I heard a whisper in the face of my mind
love can be dazzlin', love can be a dog at your throat
on a bed, all alone, all night
on a bed, all alone, all night

now I'm back at that table, back at that door
I can see her lips move on a few lines
but tomorrow is stable, as tomorrow will come,
and the lanterns they will for ever bow,
yeah the lanterns they will for ever bow,
oh the lanterns they will for ever bow

the party trail 

saddle up and halleluja
bring your smile and lift your veil
saddle up and halleluja
let yourself out of your jail

come followin' the party trail
can't stop, can't stop

you may be poor as Job
yearnin' for a lollypop
you may be soft as Hercules
strong as buttercheese
come followin' the...

and if you wanna have a blow
or twist my lonely dynamo
or bring an 95 Bordeaux
or take a header in the snow
come followin' the party trail...

a tutiplèn

I tried to keep ahead of the blues, I went wrong
tried to stay away from the booze, went wrong
tried to keep my head out of a noose, went wrong
all I tried to do went wrong

the day I swapped try for do, I got strong
I made the devil drink his own brew, it was strong
God's now walkin' in my shoes, I feel strong
all I do is do and I move on

with fuego, fuego, fuego y pasión a tutiplèn
fuego y pasión a tutiplèn

it's not fly by night, here today, gone tomorrow
it was always there, prior to human sorrow
it's the sun and the moon, the flowers that heal
God or whatever you call love, is here